Project Stronghold is dedicated to solving one of the most painful headaches in AdTech — integration lags caused by the lack of communication and technical issues between partners.

Using our service, you can easily check your systems for the compliance defects without digging into the codebase and assure compliance with all the available OpenRTB standards in minutes via easy-to-use API.

Safety foremost

Safety and predictability of your RTB platform — our #1 Priority. Doesn't matter if your Dev-team sleeps or Out-of-office for a couple of days. We're solving your problems even if they didn't appear on your tech-guy's radar yet.

Stop debugging

Get rid of those boring bug-hunting routine and spending nights on debugging your instances. Our unique algorithms will cover all possible cases for the RTB-compliant data sets and help you to maximize your income(and give a rest to your engineers).

Instant control

Total 24/7/365 control and instant notifications about performance loss. Your business is brought back to you, not the blind lady Fortune. Advanced analysis on the root causes of the issues is now on your fingertips.

Compliance check in a few clicks

Boring integration and compliance assurance procedures are now the Past. Just sign up with our service, specify the endpoint of your platform, choose your OpenRTB specification version and get the comprehensive report on your compliance defects in a minutes!

Complex and data-rich reporting

Regularities, matching by groups of attributes for failed bid-requests, performance leaks on different targeting options and much more! You'd be excited to see it on your own! Just drop us a line to get an early access.